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Medical Ear Cleaning - Ear Cleaner with Camera

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Full visibility, safe, and effective for all ear sizes. 

The Sana Otoscope is the complete solution for all your ear cleaning needs. The HD Camera wirelessly streams a full live view of your ear canal straight to your mobile device allowing you to safely and effectively remove built-up ear wax from your canal.

  • Designed By Ent Specialists (Ear Doctors)
  • Wirelessly connects to both iOS and Android devices 
  • Reduces Risk Of Ear Infection 
  • Improve Hearing And Ear Health 

Q-Tips Are Dangerous 

Regular use of Q-tips pushes wax deeper into the ear canal. Causing symptoms such as hearing loss, aural fullness, earache and tinnitus.

Safe And Efficient Ear Cleaning

The Sana Otoscope comes with a built-in HD camera that allows you to safely locate and remove excess ear wax without causing any damage to your ear canal or eardrum. 

Washable And Reusable 

Using highly durable soft silicane ear spoons that are easily washable and reusable, and can quickly be replaced to avoid cross contamination from other users. 

Reduce Your Environmental Impact 

25.5 billion non-recyclable Q-tips are bought and used every single year! Q-tips block drainage systems, pollute the environment, and cause daily death to wildlife and sea creatures.

Multi Use Basis

Convenient tool for ear, nose, mouth, throat, skin, teeth and scalp examination.

Widely Compatible 

Connect wirelessly to iOS, Android and tablets devices.

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